Donald Trump disbands business and manufacturing councils as CEOs begin to jump ship

U.S. President Donald Trump announced he is disbanding two advisory panels full of business executives after a number of high-profile CEOs either quit the panels or criticized his response to last weekend’s tragic events in Charlottesville, Va. 

The president announced he would be ending the “Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum” in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon.

The move comes after a second day of corporate defections away from him.

The CEO of industrial conglomerate 3M resigned from the president’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative panel, saying it is no longer an effective forum for the company to advance its goals.

“Sustainability, diversity and inclusion are my personal values and also fundamental to the 3M vision,” Inge Thulin said. “The past few months have provided me with an opportunity to reflect upon my commitment to these values.”

That came after the CEOs of Merck, Under Armour and Intel did the same the previous day.

Earlier on Wednesday, Campbell Soup CEO Denise Campbell did the same, resigning from the manufacturing advisory panel while saying the company will “continue to support all efforts to spur economic growth and advocate for the values that have always made America great.”

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