Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Stole the Show From Beyoncé During Her New York Tour Stop

Okay, Leo, now let’s get in formation.

Just when you thought you’d seen Leonardo DiCaprio do it all—he’s danced behind a mask at Coachella, he’s partied with his bodyguard in Cannes, he’s called Jennifer Lopez “boo boo”—he has surprised us once again. This week, Leo joined tens of thousands of New Yorkers in the pilgrimage to Citi Field to see the New York stop of the Formation World Tour. 

Yes, you read that right: Leonardo DiCaprio is a member of the Beyhive!

He is, in fact, so enamored with one Beyoncé and her Lemonade that he chose not to sit in a fancy box, high above the world like the God on Earth that he is, but to enjoy the concert down on the floor with the rest of society. Sure, he wasn’t exactly slumming it since those floor seats cost approximately one million dollars, but it is still something we don’t see from the biggest celebrities too often.

And while Leo was palling around with the rest of the Beyhive, hoping and praying that she would play “Love on Top,” he tried his darndest to blend in. Unfortunately for him, his camouflage just happens to be his most famous accessory: The newsboy cap. Leo donned his favorite hat at Citi Field in hopes that it would allow him to enjoy Lemonade in peace, but it did just the opposite, as fans immediately started to take to social media to share sightings.  

Here he is taking a seat on his stadium folding chair, with his newsboy pulled down just about as far as scientifically possible.

Next, he decided to try texting in hopes that pretending to be super, super busy, compounded with the illustrious hiding cap, would provide sufficient camouflage from the leering masses. (Masses who didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to the actual concert, we might add.  

Again, he was discovered, because the Beyhive is nothing if not observant. If a celebrity is in the vicinity, they will sniff them out. And sniff Leo out they did, which forced him to take incredibly drastic measures in order to blend in. 

He put on a raincoat. And not only that, but he pulled the hood up even though it wasn’t raining. Here we see the evidence, in which we can barely discern DiCaprio, save for his signature facial hair. 

He’s basically a toad in a leaf pile, no?

Unfortunately for Leo, it seems that his master plan of slinking out into the night to dance to “Single Ladies” just did not go accordingly—the poor thing could probably even hear the bars of “Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh” through that hood! But alas, he provided some entertainment for his fellow hive member, and the newsboy got to stretch its legs, so all was not lost.

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