Keyano College Faculty Survey Shows Dismal Views

A new Keyano College faculty survey shows that many faculty members hold dismal views of the current administration. The Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association climate survey conducted last year showed that Keyano staff had a lower opinion about the school on almost every level last year. The study showed that 85% of the staff believed that there was a lack of open communication from administrators to faculty members, and that 78% believed that the day to day challenges that instructors faced were not understood by senior administrative staff. The survey involved 91 college faculty members and they indicate the mood of faculty members at the institution after staff and budget cuts in the last few years. Instructors and faculty association members have not spoken about how they feel about the cuts and cutbacks, saying that school policies prohibit them from commenting. Keyano administrators have denied that this is the case. The study showed that faculty members had the lowest view of Keyano College tat they have had in over a decade.

After the Keyano College faculty survey results were released Keyano College spokesperson Matthew Harris released an email that stated “We are aware of the faculty climate survey. Our interim President looks forward to meeting with our Faculty Association to discuss any and all concerns. It’s been a difficult time for the College over the last year, and all areas have felt the strain of the changed economy of the region. It’s important for all of us to work together so that we can meet these challenges. Part of that will include understanding how faculty and staff feel about the organization, identifying shortcomings, and addressing those shortcomings so we can bridge the gap and focus on moving forward together.”

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