#YEG Today: What you need to know to get where you’re going

It’s Tuesday, March 24.

Here’s what you need to know for your morning commute today:


Know of a traffic problem? Call us at #740 or text us at (587) 336-2929.


Today: It’s currently -4 C in Edmonton, becoming a sunny day with a high of 3 C this afternoon.

Tonight: Clear, with a low of – 4 C.

Tomorrow: A mix of sun and cloud, high of 4 C.

Today in Edmonton

GO PUBLIC: A single mother in a small Alberta town is stocking her house with donated furniture and shopping at a second-hand store because the moving company she hired more than a month ago still has her possessions after demanding four times the price it quoted her.

Do you think companies ‘red-line’ Alberta Avenue? We’ll speak to someone from the community league today at 7:20 a.m. on Edmonton AM.



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