Tom Brady Jumps Off a Giant Cliff and Plays Pickup Basketball With Michael Jordan in Costa Rica—Watch Now!

Tom Brady is fearless both on and off the football field.

The New England Patriots quarterback recently went on vacation in Costa Rica with his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and their three children. Brady shared highlights from the family trip via his Facebook page, which included a photo of his kids burying him in the sand. “Someone please dig me out before training camp!” he wrote. Brady’s dog came to his rescue, and in the same video, the athlete chased his children on the beach. “I have finally emerged…And found the culprits!” the 37-year-old NFL player said.

It was all fun and games until Saturday morning, when Brady uploaded a video of himself cliff diving. Bündchen egged him on, asking, “Are you gonna jump, doll?” Indeed he did, and in the caption, Brady wrote, “Never doing that again! #AirBrady.” The video racked up more than 9 million views in 48 hours.

Brady’s daredevil stunt elicited mixed reactions on social media. While some New England Patriots fans were impressed by his boldness, others feared for his safety and what could have—but thankfully didn’t—happen after his jump.

In the Facebook comments, Thomas Mitchell said, “A collective gasp heard all over New England!” Jason Fournier added, “Jesus man! Every Pats fan just fainted watching that,” while Aaron Dias wrote, “The best QB in the history of the NFL needs to be tucked away safely in a padded room. No more of that, TB12!” Perhaps Jesse Tohill summed it up best, joking, “And we all thought Gronk was the crazy one…”

Fans were similarly divided over the video on Twitter:

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watching tom brady jump off that cliff

— Andrea (@sadsherman) March 28, 2015

If your friends told you to go jump off a cliff would you? No. But if your WIFE told you to… #TomBrady

— Flora (@FlowerBomb666) March 30, 2015

If Tom Brady wants to jump off a million cliffs after they delivered us fans the SuperBowl I’m with it. Who cares let that man LIVE HIS LIFE

— Kimberly DuBois (@kim_dubois) March 28, 2015

Tom Brady, please never jump off a cliff into a body of water ever again. It nearly killed me.

— Matt McCarthy (@MattMcCarthy985) March 28, 2015

I really don’t have an issue with Tom Brady throwing himself off a cliff

— julieann giannone (@y_giannone) March 30, 2015

As a Steeler fan, I can honestly say I’m fine with Tom Brady jumping off a cliff in Costa Rica.

— Karla Ann (@karla_ann) March 30, 2015

Felt like my heart was going to stop while watching Tom Brady jump off that cliff!

— Meli Cortes (@Meli_Mells) March 28, 2015

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The same day that Brady posted the cliff diving video on Facebook, he also played pickup basketball with Michael Jordan at Bakers Bay Golf and Ocean Club; Barstool Sports documented the game on Instagram. Golfers Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald also played basketball, and that afternoon, they all played golf.

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