Kendall Jenner Nearly Trampled by Crowd of Swarming Fans in Paris: See the Scary Pics

Kendall Jenner, Balmain, Paris Fashion Week


This scary scene has us thinking déjà vu!

Several months after Kim Kardashian was attacked outside the Balmain fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, the exact same thing nearly happened today to her little sister Kendall Jenner!

As the 19-year-old model was exiting the Balmain show today in Paris, she was almost trampled by hundreds of swarming fans in the streets. Kendall, who was dressed in a pink skirt, silver top and sunglasses, was being escorted by bodyguards as she struggled to make her way through the crowd. Many screaming fans attempted to take selfies with Kendall, who was almost knocked over at one point.

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Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Balmain, Paris Fashion WeekKCS Presse / Splash News

Thankfully, Kendall, who kept her cool throughout the whole ordeal, made it to her car safely despite the scary circumstances.

Back in September, a similar thing happened to Kim when a man grabbed her leg as she tried to make her way through a crowd of hundreds of fans. The man was later identified as infamous red carpet prankster Vitalii Sediuk.

Kendall Jenner, Balmain, Paris Fashion WeekPierre Suu/Getty Images

“The prank with Kim was my protest that U.S. banned me from entering the country,” Sediuk said after the rude run-in. “I hope Kim is OK and won’t be mad at me as I didn’t mean any harm. Kanye is one lucky man as Kim is a Goddess!”

Perhaps the city of Paris can spare a few dollars for fashion week barricades next season?

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