Jennifer Jones falls to Switzerland in one-two world championship Page playoff

SAPPORO, Japan — Alina Paetz scored a deuce in the ninth end as Switzerland beat Canada’s Jennifer Jones 6-4 in the one-two Page playoff on Saturday at the women’s world curling championship.

The Swiss opened the game with a pair in the first end before Winnipeg’s Jones replied with a single in the third. After adding singles in the fourth and sixth end, Canada evened the draw at four by drawing her last stone in the seventh and stealing a single in the eighth.

The Canadians will now play Russia in the semifinals later in the day after the Russians beat Scotland 7-2 on Friday in the three-four Page playoff.

Dawn McEwen led Canada by shooting 88 per cent. Her counterpart on Switzerland, Nicole Schwaegli, was the leader for her country after shooting 80 per cent.



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