Ashley Judd Gets a Giant Kiss From Dick Vitale in Between Dancing and Fangirling Over Kentucky Basketball

We think we know who the leader of Big Blue Nation is now.

Ashley Judd proved to be a huge fan of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball yet again this weekend when she attended the matchup against Arkansas Razorbacks.

Dressed in school colors, the actress got a front row seat to the action as her team ended winning the matchup 78-63. Before the final buzzer rang, however, Judd made quite the splash with her school spirit and enthusiasm during the game.

Veteran sports broadcaster Dick Vitale decided to deliver quite the smooch on Judd’s lips with little to no warning. “Eat ur heart out guys,” he wrote on Instagram. “She loves KENTUCKY!”

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Judd simply added, “I think both @DickieV & I are feeling the crazy joy of @marchmadness & the greatness of this KY team.”

The kiss certainly didn’t stop the superfan from enjoying herself. Whether dancing during timeouts or high-fiving far less excited attendees around her, Judd appeared to be in the zone for all four quarters.

“I woke up the other morning at 3 a.m. and I thought, ‘Wow, it’s going by too fast,” the Insurgent star told ESPN’s Shannon Spake about her team’s incredible season. “It’s like an express train.”

She confessed, “Some people call me the number one fan, but as you can see, we are legions. Every Kentucky fan is a number one fan.”

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