Alberta government wants to make fake-and-bake tanning illegal for teens

Teenagers in Alberta looking to get a tan will have to rely on the sun, or at least a bottle if the provincial government has its way. On Monday, it introduced a bill banning artificial tanning for people under the age of 18. 

“The Skin Cancer Prevention Act is a major step forward in the effort to reduce rates of melanoma in our province,” health minister Stephen Mandel wrote in a press release Monday afternoon.

“It includes several strong measures that will reduce young people’s chances of getting skin cancer at some point in their life.”

Bill 22 would also ban artificial tanning businesses from advertising to minors. Any advertising done by companies will need to include health warnings, which must also be placed on tanning bed machines.

The bill is an attempt to fight increasing rates of skin cancer in Alberta. In 2012, nearly 600 Albertans were diagnosed while 72 died of melanoma.

“Too many Alberta teens are put at a significantly higher risk of developing melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer — by using indoor tanning equipment,” said Sarah Hawkins of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Tanning methods that do not use UV light, such as spray tanning, would not be affected by Bill 22.



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