Cannes 2021: Table of Contents

The following table of contents contains Chaz Ebert‘s video dispatches from Cannes 2021, produced by herself and Scott Dummler of Mint Media Works, and written dispatches by Barbara Scharres, Ben Kenigsberg, Jason Gorber, Brian Tallerico, and Lisa Nesselson. 


Cannes 2021 Video #1: Returning to the Riviera by Chaz Ebert

Cannes 2021 Video #2: Annette, Jury Press Conference by Chaz Ebert 

Cannes 2021 Video #3: The Velvet Underground, Val, Onoda, Cow, Where is Anne Frank by Chaz Ebert 

Written Dispatches: 

Cannes Film Festival Preview 2021 by Barbara Scharres 

Cannes 2021: Annette by Ben Kenigsberg 

Cannes 2021: Onoda, Everything Went Fine, Between Two Worlds, The Velvet Underground by Ben Kenigsberg 

Cannes 2021: The Souvenir Part II, After Yang, Ahed’s Knee, Lingui by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2021: Val, Jane par Charlotte, Cow by Jason Gorber 

Cannes 2021: Benedetta, The Worst Person in the World by Ben Kenigsberg 

Cannes 2021: Flag Day, Compartment No. 6, The Divide by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2021: Bergman Island, Drive My Car, The Innocents by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2021: Rehana Maryam Noor, Evolution, The Story of Film: A New Generation by Brian Tallerico 

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