Watch Chris Hemsworth's 6-Year-Old Son Crash His Video Interview

First it was Jason Bateman and now it’s Chris Hemsworth whose kids are stealing the spotlight.

The coronavirus pandemic may have everyone staying indoors, but the world of Hollywood is still doing their best to keep the masses entertained. This means talk shows that normally air live from the studio in the morning, daytime and evening are now operating from staffs’ homes. It offers a change of scenery and while there is no live studio audience, it’s not unusual to see a random family member stroll through the background on occasion.

Fans saw this firsthand when the Arrested Development star talked to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. As the two men discussed all things Ozark, life and more, Bateman’s daughter Maple walked out into the backyard casual as can be and waved at the cameras. 

And the same exact thing happened to the Thor star on Weds. when he was speaking to Luke Darcy on the Triple M radio show. His 6-year-old son Tristan mischievously snuck in to sit on his dad’s lap as they discussed the upcoming Netflix film Extraction

Of course, the interviewer was delighted by the moment and Chris laughed, “He’s looking at me right. At the moment I’m trying to give him a little,” before making a shush gesture. 

The shenanigans didn’t end there! Chris had to pause the interview because Tristan was “throwing pillows” at the computer, though he handled the candid moment with the utmost patience.

To find out how other celebrities and TV hosts are adjusting to life amid coronavirus, check out the video above!

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