Mandatory evacuation order issued for some Fort Vermilion residents

A mandatory evacuation order was issued on Sunday night for some residents of Fort Vermilion, Alta, who live near the banks of the Peace River. 

The order applies to all residents in the northwest Alberta hamlet who live east of 50th Street and north of the golf course, River Road and Boreal Housing. 

A critical emergency alert warning of high water levels in the evacuation area was sent out shortly after 9:00 p.m. Sunday. 

Emergency crews will be going door to door to notify residents, according to an update posted on the Mackenzie County Facebook page Sunday night 

Water levels on the Peace River were rising and expected to breach the bridge on Highway 88 directly west of the hamlet, the county said in a subsequent post Sunday. 

Alberta Transportation updates road closures on its website

Evacuation orders were also issued for parts of the Wood Buffalo Municipality in northeast Alberta on Sunday, with the spring run-off prompting multiple overland flood alerts across northern Alberta.

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