What a Thrill! See the Cast of Troop Beverly Hills Now

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That’s Gugino as Chica, daughter of well-meaning but forgetful and sometimes neglectful international jet-setters who blows out the candles on a lasagna cake when Phyllis and Rosa whip together a birthday celebration for her.

Gugino has been working ever since, with movie highlights include Son In LawMichael, the Spy Kids movies and Sin City, as well as an endless stream of TV work, most recently in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, Cinemax’s Jett and Spectrum’s Manhunt: Deadly Games.

She’s been in a relationship since the 1990s with filmmaker Sebastian Gutierrez, who created Jett, in which she plays a top-notch thief who, fresh out of prison, gets pulled back into that life.

“He wrote nine hours on spec, for free,” Gugino said on Today in 2019, describing the four-year labor of love that Jett was for both of them. “…And we waited a long time to make it the way we wanted to make it, not knowing we were going to get to make it.”

“I don’t think there’s any magic bullet [to work well with your partner], but I’ll just say, with us, what’s great is that we are good at different things and therefore makes it a good balance…And you do have trust. I think that’s great for creativity.”

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