The Challenge: Total Madness Trailer Proves It Will, In Fact, Be Total Madness

Seems like a pretty good time for a show that’s subtitled Total Madness

The Challenge put out a new trailer for its upcoming season, and it looks like Total Madness is indeed an accurate description of what’s to come as Challenge, Survivor, and Big Brother vets come together to compete for a million dollars. 

The trailer starts off with a promise that we’re in for “the biggest twist we have ever had on The Challenge,” and appears to prove that things are about to get truly…challenging. 

“I’m done with people skatin’ by,” host TJ Lavin says. “I’m done with people just going under the radar. This season, the only way to make it into a final is to win an elimination.” 

There’s so much yelling, crying, falling, fighting, and even some kissing in there amongst the tanks and flipping cars and other truly insane-looking challenges. 

You truly cannot trust anyone. 

Meet the full cast below. 

The Challenge premieres Wednesday, April 1 on MTV. 

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