Sweater Sets Are Back for Spring 2020: Shop the Cardigan Trend Now

Out of all the weird and wonderful trends of the early 2000s, sweater sets might be the last one you predicted would make a comeback. Yet here we are, eons since fashion fixtures like Jawbreaker and Gossip Girl inspired our closets with the quirky trend, and cardigan-and-tank duos are cool again. Instagram It girls and the fashion set are cementing the divisive look as a springtime staple—and we honestly love to see it.

Kendall Jenner carrying a plant

Just look at Kendall Jenner galavanting through L.A. in a (now sold-out) Alessanandra Rich cardigan, plant in tow. The pure joy emanating from this photo surely has at least a little to do with the positively delightful knitwear.

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Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Hailey Bieber leaned into the cozy, coordinated vibe with a Bottega Veneta ribbed cardigan and a matching midi skirt at Paris Fashion Week. Does it not make you want to curl up into a very chic ball?

Katie Holmes in a cashmere cardigan and bra

We can’t talk about matching knitwear without mentioning Katie Holmes’ iconic cashmere cardigan and bra from Fall 2019, and it’s finally back in stock. You know, if you enjoy spending $500+ on your undergarments.

With mild spring days ahead, this transitional look is the perfect way to bring some playfulness to your wardrobe without freezing in the process. Shop nine of our favorite sweater sets across the web, below.

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