Saskatchewan Medical Association head says he got COVID-19 at Edmonton bonspiel

The president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association, which represents doctors in Saskatchewan, has confirmed that he has contracted COVID-19.

In a post on Twitter, Dr. Allan Woo said “the COVID-19 pandemic has hit home for me and my family. I was tested on Tuesday and the results came back positive on Wednesday night. I am at home and continue to monitor the situation closely.”

Woo said he believes he contracted the virus at a recent curling event. 

“I attended a curling bonspiel held March 11-14 in Edmonton. This bonspiel is an annual event that usually attracts 50-60 physicians from Western Canada. I believe I contracted the COVID-19 virus at this bonspiel.”

Woo, who is an orthopedic surgeon in Saskatoon, says he has been self-isolating since Tuesday morning when he first noticed symptoms. He said his appointments and surgeries are being rescheduled. 

“We are communicating with patients I was in contact with. My sincere apologies for any distress this may cause,” he wrote. 

He said his situation should be a warning to everyone.

“The risks of this pandemic are far too real. I hope my personal situation serves as a signal for all health-care workers, and others, to be vigilant about their health. Everyone needs to take precautions and self-monitor for any symptoms.”

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