Just 10 Comforting Episodes of The Office to Watch During This Trying Time

The one place that self-distancing can’t keep us away from? Scranton, Pennsylvania!

While all of the current news has us feeling a mix of anxious and uncertain, one thing that has been lifting our spirits is rewatching shows that put us in a great mood

And, what better show to do that than The Office?

Whenever we throw on the nostalgic sitcom, it makes us remember calmer times and helps ease our mood. Basically, it’s like a familiar blanket to crawl under.

We’ve rounded up the ten most comforting episodes of the series for you to stream as you work from home or cuddle up on the couch.

These episodes highlight the character’s most touching moments of coming together, falling in love and supporting one another.

In many ways, these are the episodes that remind us that while things are scary right now, eventually everything will work out just fine.

The best part? When Peacock launches this April, all of the seasons will be available to stream. Until then though, you can also find them on Netflix, making it the perfect show to binge.

Check out which episodes give us that warm fuzzy feeling below!


The Office, The Dundies, Episode Stills

Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

The Office, Business School, Episode Stills


The Office, The Injury, Episode Stills


The Office, Casino Night, Episode Stills


The Office, Garage Sale, Episode Stills


The Office, Weight Loss, Episode Stills


The Office, Niagara, Episode Stills


Michael Scott, The Office, 9,986,000


Steve Carell, The Office

Chris Haston/NBC

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