As COVID-19 shutters theatres, opera singer serenades Edmontonians from her balcony

With the pandemic shuttering theatres around the globe, Edmonton’s Cara McLeod turned her condo balcony into a stage to share the beauty of opera with her neighbours.

McLeod, a soprano with the Edmonton Opera, performed from outside her Cloverdale home on Saturday afternoon, singing to passersby who gathered while maintaining a safe distance from each other.

She said the concert was inspired by the videos of Italians singing on their balconies and from their windows as that country began locking down in an attempt to contain the coronavirus.

Music is a powerful way to bring people together, even from a distance, she said.

“Just seeing how, in such a stressful time, that people can come together and use music and raise their voices and have a light spirit even in the pain, was really beautiful.” 

Watch some of McLeod’s performance here: 

Cara McLeod, an Edmonton Opera singer, performed a free concert from her balcony for entertainment while people are maintaining social distancing due to coronavirus concerns. 1:18

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