Alberta opens applications for COVID-19 emergency isolation funding

Albertans who are self-isolating and unable to work can now apply online for emergency one-time funding from the province.

The application went live Wednesday on the province’s website. Eligible recipients will receive a one-time payment of $1,146.

Once eligibility has been confirmed, Albertans will be asked to create a digital ID, which is required to complete the application. As part of the verification process, applicants’ identities will be verified with information from their drivers’ licence or ID card.

The one-time payment of $1,146 will be made through an Interac e-Transfer.

The temporary program is meant to bridge the gap until emergency federal funding comes available.

The roughly $50 million in funding is available to working adults who meet the province’s published criteria for self-isolation. This includes people who are the sole caregivers to dependents who must self-isolate, and those who have otherwise been directed to self-isolate by health authorities.

To be eligible, recipients must also not have another source of pay or compensation while isolated.

The government website also lists criteria that will preclude Albertans from being eligible for the payment. These include:

  • if they were not working prior to beginning self isolation; 
  • if they are able to work from home; 
  • if they are staying home to care for a dependent for a reason other than self-isolation; 
  • if they haven’t experienced significant income loss; 
  • if they are receiving other forms of income support or employer benefits; or
  • if they do not reside in Alberta. 

On March 18, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an $82-billion aid package to help Canadians and businesses cope with the global COVID-19 pandemic, including income supports, wage subsidies and tax deferrals.

The package includes $27 billion in direct supports and another $55 billion to help business liquidity through tax deferrals.

Emergency benefits, which will be made available in April, will go to Canadians who do not quality for Employment Insurance. 

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