17 Best Dry Shampoos of 2020 Worth Your Money

The best dry shampoo can do wonders. It can extend a blowout for days, bring life to limp hair, and make it look as if you’ve actually showered when you’re simply too lazy to wash your hair (no judgment). Despite the fact that most of us rely on it for some part of our routine, not all dry shampoos are created equal. They can be sticky, weigh hair down, or leave a white cast that more closely resembles dandruff than freshly washed hair.

We tapped Glamour staffers and a handful of pros to share the options they use day in and day out that actually deliver (no powdery residue here). Whether you have thick or thin, curly or straight hair, there’s something in here for everyone. Scroll on for the best dry shampoo formulas for all hair types, and get ready to stretch out your wash days.

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