16 Ritual Kits to Invite Balance and Abundance Into Your Life

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Looking for a new way to get in touch with the universe—or even yourself? These cleansing and healing ritual kits will help you set your intentions, guide your meditation and soothe your soul.

Each kit out there has a different purpose. Some are meant to cleanse your abode with sage, and others are designed to invite blessings and abundance into your life. There are also a few kits that you can use to manifest relaxation and self-appreciation while you’re taking a bath. If you’re a newbie to crystals, we’ve found an informative book that comes with some must-have stones to get you started on your journey.

We’ve rounded up the ritual kits you need to help manifest good vibes all around. Shop below!

Chakra Stone with Crystals and More

Start generating positive vibes with a white California sage bundle, eight chakra crystals, an abalone shell and a cage necklace to take the good energy with you.

Mama Wunderbar Chakra Healing Affirmation Kit

Feeling out of sorts? Balance your chakras with a kit of seven engraved Palo Santo Chakra healing smudge sticks to use in your meditations and work through the blocks of your spiritual energy.

My Lumina Purification Candle

Cleanse the aura of your home or office with a candle made of palo santo, white sage, and lavender essential oils. Selected as an Amazon’s Choice product, the purification candle will bless your space.

Self-Love Ritual Kit

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, so celebrate yourself with a rose quartz crystal-infused bath ritual. It’s suggested that you set your intention, fill your tub, sprinkle in the bath salt and drop the quartz into the brew for a calming soak.

Ariana Ost Sound Crystal Kit

If you’re into sound healing, this one’s for you. The sound crystal kit comes with a crystal, dish and a tuning fork to tap into a peaceful and meditative frequency.

Art of the Root Attraction Spell Kit

Draw in the love and money you want in your life with a soy herbal candle, bath salts, herb-infused oil and incense sticks meant to bring new, better things into your life.

Cut the Cord Crystal Smudge Kit

Smudge the toxic relationships out of your life and purify yourself with palo santo and sweetgrass wands, black salt, and a quartz crystal, which comes in an abalone shell.

Wicks and Stones Infinity Candle

Manifest your intention with these hand-poured candles that are blended with essential oils. The candle will reveal a crystal just for you once it’s done burning. You can choose from Quartz, Rose Quartz, Pyrite and Amethyst.

Self Love Body Ritual Kit

Who says a bath can’t be a ritual? Relax your body and mind with the glow-boosting and hydrating Jasmine body oil, Amethyst exfoliating body polish, and Coco Rose body polish.

Relaxation Rituals Boxed Set

You can create your own personal ritual with the patchouli candle, Baoding balls, sandalwood incense cones, and bath bombs. Enjoy and meditate in or outside of your tub—you make the rules with this ritual kit.

The Little Book of Crystals Book & Kit

Learn all about the must-have crystals you can bring into your life with author Judy Hall’s enchanting guide. The book comes with several crystals, including green aventurine, amethyst, and rose quartz.

Vagabond Goods Zen Therapy Meditation Kit

Designed for yogis, but available to all, this zen-minded kit includes an essential oil blend, eye pillow, necklace, and a USB drive with a guided meditation.

Moon and Jai High Vibe Home Ritual Kit

Achieve the ultimate balance with a Blue Calcite crystal, a clear quartz point, a sage smudge wand, a Palo Santo stick, a raw selenite wand, a pack of Moon + Jai matches, and a Ritual + Crystal qualities scroll.

Sage & Sweetgrass Smudge Kit

Keep it simple with a smudge kit that comes with cleansing white sage, sweetgrass for the addition of blessings, and a genuine Abalone shell for you to use in your smudging ceremony.

Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Meditation Altar Kit

Everything you could ever need for your meditation and healing session is included: crystals, Quartz points, palo santo, white sage, feather, Abalone shell, and so much more.

Saltwater Blue Purify Kit

Embrace purity with a crystal smudging set, an energy-clearing soy wax candle infused with sage essential oil, a sage and lavender smudge spray, and several crystals. The set is handmade in small batches in California.

While you’re in a new age mood, shop galaxy-themed stuff that’s out of this world.

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