15 Best Slippers for Women in 2020: Fleece, Shearling, Faux Fur, & More

It’s been a few weeks of our new WFH life, and if you’re like me and have decided to take the pledge to #stayhome, you may be looking for ways to feel more put together—without going so far as to throw on a pair of jeans. My solution was to find the best slippers for women because I wanted to keep my toes toasty while also providing a slip barrier between the floor surface and my feet. Not to mention, I’ve been on the hunt for slippers to match the cashmere joggers I’ve been living in for the last two weeks.

As a part of my effort to keep a daily routine in place, I’m swapping out the flats I would normally put on before leaving the house with chic slippers that I can finally sink into and wear for 8+ hours a day. It’s an easy way for me to get into an office mindset right from the comfort of my living room, dining room, or bedroom. Whether you want shearling-lined, faux fur or a cozy fleece option, there are so many pairs begging to be worn right now. Ahead, find 15 of the plushiest, coziest, and best slippers to indulge in. Oh, and don’t be ashamed to rest your feet on the table—these picks are all cute enough to show off during your next Zoom meeting.

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