On My Block Season 3 Teaser Answers the Cliffhanger Question (Sort Of)

Just when you thought everything was going to be back to normal for the Freeridge kids, Netflix is here to remind you nothing is ever normal for the crew from On My Block.

Season three officially has a premiere date—March 11, 2020—and a first teaser that finds Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jamal (Brett Gray) in hot water. See it below.

Netflix’s official description for the third season doesn’t provide many more hints: “They thought life was about to return to what passes for normal in Freeridge, but the stakes just got even higher.”

Season two ended with the four characters kidnapped in the season finale and it looks like things pick off right where they left off. Following the second season drop in March 2019, the show was in limbo over cast contract negotiations, according to Deadline

In an interview with EW, On My Block co-creator Lauren Iungerich said the season two cliffhanger sets up the season three plot (duh). “It will totally make sense when it is revealed, but it’s not what you’d expect. I think that’s the fun of the show,” she said.

Naturally, following the season one cliffhanger, viewers weren’t happy with another ending that left them on the edge of their seats.

“They were so mad at us last year that they were so emotional and frustrated by that heart-wrenching ending. We knew we could not tonally duplicate what we did last season, it would just be redundant. But we knew we needed a good cliffhanger because that is what our show is; it’s surprising and we need to keep the audience wanting to have that same fervor to come back and watch season three, which I think we’ve achieved,” she said.

Iungerich created the show with Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft.

The 10-episode third season of On My Block premieres March 11 on Netflix.

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