Kim Kardashian's Kids Have a Mini-Supermarket and Concert Stage in Their Playroom

If you thought Kim Kardashian West’s refrigerator and kitchen situations were wild, just wait until you take a tour of the playroom where her children—North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm—get to hang out.

Kardashian West gave her 160 million fans a tour of the kids’ space on Instagram Stories on February 12, and let’s just say it’s probably nothing like where you spent time as a child. “You guys always say my house is so minimal—well, you guys haven’t seen my playroom,” she says in one of the videos. Unlike the rest of the the Kardashian-West house (as recently shown off in Architectural Digest), there is lots of color in the playroom, courtesy of all the kids’ toys. Thank goodness those don’t have to be monochromatic, too.

First up, there’s the raised concert stage where the children “often have band” with a full drum set, guitars, violins (which she says North plays), and more. Just behind the stage is where movies are projected from the ceiling while they play, which frankly sounds amazing.

Image may contain Musical Instrument Drum and Percussion

There’s also a little ball pit with a detachable slide.

Image may contain Animal Dog Mammal Pet and Canine

Each child seems to have their own little section of the massive room. There are baby toys for Psalm, North’s beloved OMG Dolls and a pretty intricate dollhouse, and a ton of animals and drawers full of Legos for Saint.

Image may contain Wheel Machine Toy Teddy Bear Transportation and Vehicle
Image may contain Furniture Shelf and Bookcase
Image may contain Furniture and Drawer

But my favorite thing in the entire playroom is Chi’s mini-supermarket replica where you can actually ring up purchases (complete with that beep sound!), and then sign for your purchases just as you would at a real store.

Image may contain Electronics Computer Hardware Hardware Computer Keyboard Computer and Keyboard
Image may contain Human Person Electronics and Camera

There’s much that’s hidden away from the main room, too. Take, for example, the massive closet where crayons and slime are color-coordinated in bins that also holds racks of dress-up clothes and more drawers filled with “princess shoes.”

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Dress Human Person Female Fashion Robe Gown Face Woman Suit and Coat
Image may contain Clothing Apparel and Footwear

Honestly, the whole set-up is pretty dreamy, including the table surrounded by educational toys where she says the kids “do their homework.” I’m living. Which room do you think Kim Kardashian is going to show us next?

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