Facebook brings ability to use music in Instagram posts to Canada

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook and Instagram users in Canada can finally incorporate music clips into their story posts.

Facebook says it’s enabling an array of creative music tools, among them the ability for users to post 15-second snippets of songs with their stories.

The feature arrives in Canada nearly two years after it began rolling out in the United States and Europe. In the past, whenever an international user posted a music sample through Instagram, it would be muted for Canadian audiences.

Facebook says the Canadian rollout comes after it reached new licensing agreements over rights with Canadian music publishing societies and organizations, as well as domestic labels and distributors.

Among the other new widgets are “music stickers,” which use visual icons, such as album covers, to activate songs on Instagram Stories.

Users can now also post song lyrics that display across a video similar to a karaoke clip, as well as “music question” stickers where friends can respond to a question with a link to songs of their choice.

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