Inside The Bachelor Season 24, Episode 2: What a Bachelor Group Date With Peter Weber Is Really Like

It’s late September, and Peter Weber is now in his second week on The Bachelor. ABC has invited me along to a group date—a shopping spree and fashion show for Revolve clothing—with guest judges Carson Kressley, Janice Dickenson, and Raissa Gerona. Everything seems normal at first—I mean, it’s only the second week—but, as I soon learn, that’s not the case.

For one, Hannah Brown has just returned to great dramatic effect. (Is she really only there to give Peter his wings? Does she want Chris Harrison’s job? I need to know if it’s for the right reasons, people!) But when I sit down with Peter during a break in between filming, he makes no mention of his ex’s return. In fact, it’s not until I see the first Bachelor promo months later that I even know she makes an appearance. Whether she’s on Peter’s mind this afternoon or not, he’s not saying. For all I know, the only focus is on the women on his group date—and his own turn on the runway.

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Still, Peter confides that it’s been a rough road already even though he’s grateful for the opportunity. “I know everyone says this, but it’s tough knowing there is going to be disappointment and heartbreak, and I’m going to be the one causing that,” he says. “I was on the opposite side of that last time. But all that means is that I just get one step closer to finding her at the end.”

He says he hates drama (um, does he know what show he signed up for?), but he’s trying to be very understanding of what the women are feeling. “It’s not normal to date one person along with 20-some-odd other people,” he says, just like every other Bachelor and Bachelorette before him. But it’s clear on this date that he’s already developing strong feelings for several of the women, including Hannah Ann (who got his first impression rose) and Victoria F.

Of the women, Peter says, “Hannah Ann made a very strong effort to make sure I saw her and that she was there for me. She just has this Southern belle-type adorableness and charm, and I just was very drawn to her. She brought me this beautiful painting the first night. I’m just very drawn to her, and I’m very excited.”

It’s not what I’m expecting to hear. I’m prepared for generic soundbites about how great all the women are, but here’s Peter genuinely opening up about where he’s at in the process. I’m into it.

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