The 19 Best Winter Boots to Shop Right Now

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost Black Friday…which means winter is basically here. If you, like us, could easily spend the next few months wrapped up in bundles of fleece at home, here’s something that may just change your mind: winter boots on sale. Because the upside to frigid temperatures is that the cold front brings the best winter boots with it.

From sleet storms to torrential downpours, when it comes to dressing for the season’s unpredictable weather, you can never be too prepared. In case you don’t already have a closet full of them, a solid pair of winter boots is the most practical item to buy this season—not to mention the right pair can instantly amp up any outfit.

Whether they’re leather or suede, snakeskin or mock croc, flat-soled or block-heeled, thigh-high or combat, there’s really no better time to shop for winter boots than right before the Black Friday shopping rush. We found the best winter boots (including a few sparkly numbers) that will keep your feet as warm and dry as they make your outfits cool and winter-ready—and they’re all less than $300. Below, shop the best winter boots on sale today, before they sell out tomorrow.

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