Manitoba Metis Federation signs 10-year, $90-million post-secondary funding deal with Ottawa

Métis students who want to go to university will now have access to a multi-million-dollar program that will pay for their tuition.

The Manitoba Metis Federation announced Friday it has signed an agreement with the federal government for a $90-million, 10-year post-secondary education accord, to provide financial help and support for Métis students throughout their degree. 

This new funding is a historic breakthrough that will open doors for Mé​​​​​​​tis students to pursue their dreams, said David Chartrand, head of the MMF. 

Previous to this, the federation could only provide Mé​​​​​​​tis students funding for community colleges, and not the university degrees needed to pursue certain professional careers. 

“Yet we couldn’t fund that. We vigorously argued and fought that and we were able to achieve that,” Chartrand said. 

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