London Bridge stabbing call being investigated by British police

British police said Friday they were dealing with an incident on London Bridge involving a call about a stabbing, and witnesses have reported hearing gunshots.

The Metropolitan Police force tweeted “a number of people” may have been injured. A man had been detained, they said.

BBC reporter John McManus was in the area and said he saw figures grappling on the bridge. He said: “I thought it was initially a fight,” but then shots rang out.

London Ambulance Service said it had crews on the scene.

Police could be seen ushering people away from the northern end of the bridge, which links the city’s business district with the south bank of the River Thames.

People were being urged to stay away from the area.

London Bridge was the scene of a 2017 attack when ISIS-inspired attackers ran down people on the bridge, killing two, before stabbing several people to death in nearby Borough Market.

People are evacuated from an area near London Bridge in central London following the incident. (Dominic Lipinski/PA/The Associated Press)

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