Jimmy Kimmel's "I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy" Prank Is All Tricks, No Treats

Halloween may be over, but prankster parents still have something to look forward to: Jimmy Kimmel‘s annual “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy” challenge.

The ninth installment of the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment⁠⁠—in which parents trick their children into believing their candy is gone—aired on Monday night. And, it’s safe to say that these kids were not happy.

“This is something I know many people have been looking forward to all year, the results of our annual, beloved tradition,” Jimmy told the audience while introducing the segment. “I’m told that many of the disappointed kids from the first time we did it in 2011 have now blossomed to become fully-grown, disappointed adults.”

As always, the video montage was filled with lots of tears and tantrums from the stunned kids. But this time around, there were some punches thrown into the mix. One child even threatened to call the police on their mom once they found out their candy was gone!

“If I ever see Jimmy Kimmel, I’m going to punch him in the face,” warned one kid. “He deserves it.”

Others, tried to be just as intimidating. “How rude of you!” quipped another. “Tomorrow, I am going to eat all your stuff. For real! And I’m not going to leave you no goodies.”

Trying to level with him, his mom explained she ate his Halloween candy because she was hungry. But he still wasn’t having it. “Well,” he replied, “You gotta eat some vegetables, not candy.”

Still, there were some pretty understanding tots in the mix. One youngster’s mom asked if he was happy his candy had been found. To which he responded, “A little bit. But, I love you more than candy.”

See all of the kids’ hilarious reactions in the video above!

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