Frozen 2 Will Satisfy (Most) Fans of the Original

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In 2013, Disney’s mega-hit Frozen introduced us to Elsa of Arendelle, a magical, moody, closed-off, and fearful princess of a Nordic kingdom who became queen and immediately (accidentally) set off an eternal winter. She pushed away everyone who loved her, including her own sister, Anna, because she was scared of hurting people with her powers. Instead, she preferred to live alone in a faraway ice castle where she could change her outfits, play with her hair, and strut around as much as she wanted. Sure, she almost killed everyone with her emotions, but she also, ultimately, saved the day with her emotions, learning along the way to embrace what made her different. Oh, there was a talking snowman in the mix too.

In Frozen 2, now in theaters, Elsa’s gained control of her ice powers, but that doesn’t mean she’s comfortable living in royal domesticity. She hears the call of the wild—a woman’s voice singing to her from somewhere out in nature—and longs to once again let it go and strike out on her own for an adventure.

To save the day (again) Elsa pushes away the people who love her (again), changes her hair and her outfit several times, and learns more about what makes her different and special. Also, the talking snowman is back. It’s not a beat-for-beat rehash of the original, but if you came to this review to answer the question of whether or not you’ll like Frozen 2, the answer is, well, did you like Frozen? Because Frozen 2 is more of the stuff that was in Frozen, for better or worse, whatever that means to you. For me, it means it lived up to my expectations. I found Frozen 2 exciting, gorgeous, compelling, and even inspirational.

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