Dr. Lara Devgan on Her $12,849 Beauty Routine

I’ve been having a little bit of a hair-clip moment lately: Deborah Pagani has these really cute clips ($45). I typically will just put a couple of clips in and sometimes toss up my hair in a bun if I’m going into surgery, and then if I have a more special day, or I’m seeing patients in the office, then I’ll wear it long.

My morning skin care routine: mostly free because of my job (but if I paid it would be $690)

When you’re 16 and you wake up with a pillow crease after sleeping, it’s gone in five minutes, but when you’re 35 and you wake up with a pillow crease, it’s not gone until 10 a.m. I try my very hardest to sleep on my back to avoid positional wrinkles, but sometimes I wake up on my face, and this silk pillowcase ($85) by my friend Nell Diamond [founder of Hill House Home] makes me feel better about it. When it comes to skin care, I obviously love my own products. I’ll use my Platinum Eye Repair Complex ($215) and Hyaluronic Serum ($245) and SPF 45 ($145), which is a BB cream, religiously. And that’s my morning routine! I like to keep it fairly minimalistic—I like few products that have high efficacy. I’m a busy person; I’m not the “12-step skin care routine” girl.

My morning makeup routine: $374

I’m so over Instagram makeup. I want a functional, easy look that looks good in real life. I love what Gucci Westman has done with Westman Atelier. I use a little bit of her blush stick in Petal ($50). And then I use her foundation stick ($68) just for a little bit of light freshening on my face. I also love the Able Cosmetics eyeliner ($27) and mascara ($29). I pull off a cat eye about once a week, but this is my go-to look. My last steps are my Platinum Lip Plump ($50), an incredible lip plumper that enhances the natural pink tones in your lips, and Long Lash growth serum ($150) on my lashes and brows.

My signature scent: $26

The fragrance I wear is called Truth by Calvin Klein ($26), which sadly isn’t made anymore. I think I was the only person who ever bought, so it’s been discontinued! It was the fragrance I wore when my husband and I started dating, so it’s sentimental to me. He really loves it and made me say that I would always wear it. So I have to special order it from who-knows-where. I buy it in bulk, 20 at a time, every few years.

My evening makeup routine: $112

Even at night, I like to keep my make up pretty minimal. I think that good skin looks better than good makeup. So I’ll do something smoky with a Chanel eye quad ($62), with a little bit of a heavier brow using Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder ($23), and a more winged eye with Able Cosmetics liquid liner ($27). What’s cool about the liner is that it comes with a slanted rubber-tipped cap so you can use it as a guide if you need.

My evening skin care routine: free because of my job (but if I paid it would be $900)

I actually like to wash my face and my hands as soon as I walk in the door. I use lukewarm water and my Platinum Revitalizing Cleanser ($65). It helps me unwind from the day and ensures that I never fall asleep in my makeup. Then I play with my kids, have dinner, and hang out with my husband. I have a totally naked face situation for probably about four or five hours before I do any kind of skin care routine. I think that it allows my skin to reacclimate to its normal milieu. I’ll do my skin care routine right before I go to bed. After I brush with my Apa Beauty toothbrush ($250), I use my Platinum Vitamin C+ Luminous Night Serum ($145) and Glow Serum ($295), and if my skin is feeling dry, my Recovery Cream ($145). Then I like to use my Long Lash again. I’m really into eyelashes.

My in-office treatments: free because of my job (but if I paid it would be $9,200)

I definitely practice what I preach in terms of maintenance and injectables. I do a very conservative and judicious amount of Botox ($1,200) and fillers (averaging around $3,500). I get my own signature Gold Microinfusion Microneedling facial ($3,000), which includes Botox, fillers, and PRP (platelet rich plasma). I also do PRP scalp injections ($1,500), which have been amazing. I had a lot of hair loss after my pregnancies and PRP is a really nice way of encouraging your hair follicles to wake up.

My supplement routine: $13

I take a drugstore brand multivitamin (~$5), and actually, I take a prenatal vitamin (~$8) even though I’m not expecting. I think prenatal vitamins are actually really good for anyone over 30, if it’s cleared with your doctor. They’re very rich in biotin and folate, so that helps give you really pretty hair.

My fitness routine: $360

I love The Class by Taryn Toomey ($165 for pack of 5 classes). Taryn is a friend of mine—I love what she’s done to make an ordinary exercise class into a spiritual experience. She’s very cool and brilliant. For more routine exercise, I love Physique 57 ($195 for a pack of 8 classes). But I also love just hanging out and walking around with my kids in Central Park. We go to Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum, or the Museum of Natural History pretty much every single weekend.

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