Adam Driver Took This One Important Item Home From the Star Wars Set

Kylo Ren will never let go.

During an appearance on Monday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Adam Driver revealed that when the final Stars Wars movie—The Rise of Skywalker—wrapped, he snagged some keepsakes from the set.

As host Stephen Colbert asked, “What’s it like to hang up your lightsaber?” Surprisingly enough, Driver seemed happy to be putting this era behind him. “Good, good,” he teased. But the reason he wasn’t overcome with emotion to part with the iconic fictional weapon was because, well, he didn’t have to. As he explained, “I also have it, so I literally hung it up. It’s in a box, but it’s hung in the box.”

As it turns out, the Marriage Story star made a point of getting permission from director J.J. Abrams to keep some Kylo Ren memorabilia. The actor continued, “I took a lot of stuff this last time. I have the whole costume.”

Well, now he has the best Kylo Ren Halloween costume ever.

Continuing about the epic finale to the nine-part series, Driver couldn’t help but gush over the story Abrams and screenwriter Chris Terrio created.

As the Girls alum exclaimed, “[Abrams] had a really tall order not just to wrap up three movies, but nine of them. And I think what him and Chris Terrio came up with, I have to say, is pretty unique and rare.”

Next, Colbert wanted to know what the future has in store for everyone’s favorite caped villain.

As the host quipped, “What would Kylo Ren be like in a marriage?” Driver’s response? He joked, “Understanding, gentle and tall.”

Yes, those are three words absolutely everyone would associate with Kylo Ren. No doubt about it.

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