Witness in hearing for disbarred lawyer admits she lied to law society

A witness called in a contempt of court hearing against disbarred lawyer Shawn Beaver admitted in court Tuesday she had lied several times in her statements against him. 
Chipo Florence Jura told the Court of Queen’s Bench that she lied to the Law Society of Alberta in February 2018 in two separate interviews, while she herself was under investigation. 

“I made a mistake, I own it,” Jura told the court after being questioned by Beaver’s lawyer, Rod Gregory. “I just want to move on.”

The law society is trying to show that Beaver, once a prominent lawyer, was practicing without a licence after being ordered not to. 

Jura got in touch with Beaver after seeing an ad on Kijiji in May 2017, a few months after she was admitted to the Law Society of Alberta. 

She told him she wanted to get advice on branching out from family law to criminal law, with a specialty in DUIs. 

In court Tuesday, Gregory attempted to establish that Beaver was only giving Jura advice and business tips on how to conduct a successful law firm. 

“He was not practicing law with you, he was helping you,” Gregory suggested. 

Jura disagreed and testified that Beaver was giving legal advice to clients.

Jura said she lied when she told the society during the February 2018 interviews that Beaver was only tutoring her.

Gregory suggested that Jura changed her story with the law society because she had the impression if she implicated Beaver, the society would restore her license. 

Jura was flown in from Zimbabwe to testify at Beaver’s trial this week. She went back to her home country after being suspended from the society in February 2018 for practicing law when she was on the non-practicing list. 

The law society plans to call another witness Wednesday and then cross-examine Jura in the afternoon. 

It’s not clear whether Beaver will testify. 

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