The 7 Best Pairs of Black Leggings Ever

Kendall Jenner, Sophie Turner, and J.Lo might have totally different styles, but they all have one wardrobe essential they keep coming back to: a trusty pair of black leggings. Of course, they wear them to jet-set across the globe, whereas we wear them to get coffee at the place around the corner. But we all can agree that leggings are pretty great.

Blame the Outdoor Voices phenomenon, but leggings have come a staple for doing pretty much anything—to exercise, yes, but also to lounge about in, to run errands in, to walk the dog, to sub in for actual pants. And everyone has that one pair they’re absolutely obsessed with. Even a quick poll around the Glamour office revealed a variety of styles and brands our editors swear by. Ahead, you can shop their favorites and read about why they’re the absolute best.

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