Cassie Was "Not Down" With Being a Pregnant Bride Despite Recent Wedding

Cassie never planned on walking down the aisle with a baby bump.

The 33-year-old singer-model married Alex Fine, a competitive bull rider and celebrity trainer, in September, a month after announcing their engagement and three months after revealing they were expecting their first child. At that point, they had been dating for several months.

“At first, I was NOT down with the idea of being a pregnant bride!” Cassie told HATCH Collection’s HATCHLAND blog. “I dreamed of having champagne and dancing at our wedding! However, once I weighed the amount of time we would have to wait (hello, birth, and breastfeeding), I realized what I cared about was being his wife and our family, not about whether I was pregnant or not at our wedding. In the end, we had a beautiful intimate ceremony on a bluff overlooking Malibu during sunset. Everything was perfect.”

As a pregnant bride, Cassie wore a custom-made wedding dress.

“I wanted a super romantic flowy style with voluminous sleeves and worked with my stylists Marni Senofonte and Deonte Nash, to create the perfect dress,” she said. “We pulled a lot of different references and inspiration and designed and made the dress in under a week. I think the whole process took about 72 hours. We added a slit to show some leg and off-set the belly!”

Cassie said she and Alex did not plan on having a baby.

“While it wasn’t ‘planned,’ it also wasn’t unplanned,” she said. “We were open to having kids and had just started to explore the idea when I got pregnant. It was my husband (still getting used to saying this!) that noticed I hadn’t had my period in a while. When he said something to me, I was like, ‘Who pays attention to that?!’ Apparently, he does. So, I took a test, and it was positive! We were both over the moon!”

The two are expecting a baby girl in December. She will join the couple’s 1-year-old Rottweiler, Waffles.

Cassie expressed her hopes for her daughter in the HATCHLAND interview.

“In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing; so I want her to grow-up to feel confident in who she is and stay her course,” Cassie said. “I hope to help guide her in this by always being supportive and listening. Kids say what is on their minds; sometimes, it just may not be directly. I think that it’s our job, as parents, to tune in and pay attention to what they’re thinking and how they feel.”

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