Winterize your home with these 5 simple steps

Autumn officially got underway just a few days ago, but it won’t be long before Albertans are breaking out the shovels to tackle snow-covered driveways.

Is your house ready for the freeze? 

CBC Edmonton’s News at 6 host Nancy Carlson spoke with professional home inspectors Colin Dvorak and Glen Eskat, of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections in Spruce Grove and Edmonton, about ways to protect your home this winter–and possibly saving a lot of money down the road.

The segments ran during Thursday and Friday’s newscasts. 

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1. Clean the gutters

It’s fall, and if your house has a tree overhanging it, now is the time to get leaves out of the gutter. 

Any buildup can prevent water from draining freely, increasing the chances of ice damming, which can spell trouble when it warms up. That water could drip inside an attic space and come through ceilings.   

2. Disconnect your garden hose

Is your garden hose still attached to the house? 

Any water still inside the hose will freeze and, as it expands, it can push backwards through the valve, causing the water line to freeze.

Simply disconnecting your hose can save you a lot of money.

3. Take a close look at the furnace filter

Is your basement’s furnace filter in bad shape?  

Make sure the filter is clean and airflow is moving to help prevent the headache of a furnace breakdown. 

4. Check inside the furnace 

Is there any moisture inside? 

In the event that you spy moisture anywhere inside the furnace, consider calling a technician to have it serviced right away. 

If you spot dust, a duct cleaning service can help make sure the air you’re breathing is clean. 

5. Humidifier maintenance 

A humidifier can help maintain temperature and humidity levels within your home — as long as you’re maintaining it at least semi-annually. 

Simply remove the pad from inside and have it cleaned or replaced. 

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