Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Best Shoes to Buy During Early Access

When you’re tipped off about a summer sale, like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicking off this weekend, you’re likely getting ready for racks on racks of dresses and sandals. Those standbys haven’t gone anywhere, but there’s some forward-looking purchases to consider after you’ve seen what’s on sale. Judging by the top-notch footwear in this year’s assortment, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is inarguably the best time to buy fall shoes.

Sure, it’s pushing 100 degrees in most parts of the country, and you’re a week and a half out from vacation. The Bachelorette hasn’t accepted a proposal yet. Fall shoes are probably far from your mind (and at the back of your closet). Thankfully, Nordstrom has done the work of sorting the best-of-the-best fall shoes for you early and at lower prices than you’ll see in stores when the leaves turn. Basically buying more than one pair during this sale should be a no-brainer.

The footwear festivities kick off today with Early Access—i.e., a weeklong head start for everyone with a Nordstrom Card—so there’s very little between you and a wallet-friendly pair of leather boots (or sneakers, or flats). Ahead, we’ve picked out the fall shoes you’ll want to pick up today to prep your autumn wardrobe. After all: If you’re shopping early access, you might as well go all-in.

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