Video released by Edmonton police shows shotgun blast at home's front door

Edmonton police investigating an attempted murder have released dramatic video showing five masked suspects attempting to force their way into a home on the city’s north side.

The video was released Friday by investigators hoping to identify all suspects involved.

At the 14-second mark on the short video clip, a suspect in a black hoodie raises a shotgun to his hip and fires at the home’s front door.

White smoke comes out of the barrel as the suspect turns around and steps down off the porch.

Earlier on the video, another suspect, wearing a red hockey jersey and wielding a baseball bat, appears to kick at the door.

Here is the 19-second video clip released by investigators:

The Edmonton Police Service released this video of a murder attempt on Jan. 28, 2019, in hopes of identifying the suspects. 0:19

The video is from an incident on the evening of Jan. 28, when police responded to a home in the area of 117th Avenue and 101st Street for a report of a discharged firearm.

Police were told that five masked individuals approached the home and tried to force their way in.

“Moments later, a firearm was discharged through the front door of the residence,” police said in a news release. “Fortunately, no one was struck or injured.”

The suspects fled the area in an unknown vehicle, police said.

Police believe the incident was targeted.

In this still image from a video released by Edmonton police, a suspect in a red hockey jersey kicks at a door while another suspect watches. (Edmonton Police Service)

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