The Bachelorette Season 15, Episode 7 Recap: Seriously, What Does Hannah See in Luke?

Caution: Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead.

Last week, Hannah decided to give a rose to Luke—a man who whines, “I’m giving you the best I have!” while showing the worst side of himself—for reasons still unclear to the rest of Bachelor Nation. If her decision annoyed you, I have bad news: She does it again tonight. WHY, HANNAH? All season long you’ve told us that you’re looking for a partner who respects you and your decisions, and you have no problem calling out the dudes—even Luke—when they behave badly. So I need answers beyond Chris Harrison’s explanation that it’s because you have an “amazing bond” with him. Where is this bond, other than a makeout session in week one? Show me receipts.

But let’s back up. The group is now in Latvia, and Hannah hopes she can turn things around from last week’s debacle. “I want this week to remind me why I’m here,” she explains. What, a chance at mattress and clothing spon-con deals? No, “to find love and to be romanced by these men.” Ah, yes, of course.

Garrett gets the first one-on-one date of the week, and Luke claims this is the first time he’s “actually, legitimately” jealous. He says he knows for “a fact” that the other guys don’t feel the same way about Hannah as he does. Luke, I agree with you: No, the others don’t feel the same way about Hannah. That’s because, as far as I can tell, they don’t see her as a piece of property. (Guys, warning you now: Luke has me all fired up, so if you’re #TeamLP this recap may not be for you.)

Anyway, the date with Garrett is as awkward as Luke trying to explain his feelings: bungee jumping. While naked. Apparently this is a Latvian tradition, but an admittedly brief Google search makes me think this happened, like, one time in 2014.

Hannah reacts to this excursion exactly how I would: complaining about how cold she is. However, she says Old Hannah would let fear control her. New Hannah wants to live in the moment and do what “feels right,” and apparently that means bungee jumping over a ravine strapped to a hunky dude while a large black bar covers their bits and bobs. They survive—but Hannah’s bra, which the bungee jumping staff carelessly tosses into the river, does not. So rude! If Hannah’s anything like me, she had at least five more years of shelf life out of that thing.

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