NEB issues certificate for Trans Mountain Pipeline

The National Energy Board has issued a certificate for the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, a move that is a step closer to completing the project that will bring about a million barrels of Alberta oil to the coast of British Columbia every day.

The NEB said Friday it has issued a certificate for the project, just days after the federal government reiterated its approval for the project to go ahead.

The 1,150-kilometre project would involve placing an additional larger pipe along the route of an existing pipeline, to increase the potential supply. After myriad delays, the federal government bought the project for $4.5 billion last year, to make sure it would survive long enough for a willing private sector buyer to be found to complete it.

The move means construction for the pipeline can begin as early as this year, seven years after it was first proposed. Construction could take up to three years to be completed.

While the NEB certificate is a step toward completion of the project, it does still face some hurdles, including opposition from various groups in B.C.

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion would double the amount of oil that can travel along an existing pipeline route from Alberta to the B.C. coast.

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