Gwen Stefani Always Has This 1 Beauty Product in Her Bag

We’re super excited about your Just a Girl Tour concert residency kicking off next month at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas! Any tips for ladies making a Vegas weekend out of it?
Gwen: The thing to do in Vegas is to come see my Just a Girl residency [grins]. I’m expecting all the ladies to show up and we’ll have a great night. Before the show, hang out by the hotel pool during the day, grab dinner at one of the amazing restaurants and then come see my show!

What are your go-to items when you are getting yourself ready date night or a night out with your girls?
For a ladies’ night out or date night, getting ready to go out is the most exciting part for me. I love to plan an outfit. I love to plan the makeup look that I’m going to go with that night. And if you’re going to go out in Vegas, you have to go big. Definitely go for a red lip.

Todd Stefani and Robb Dipple

When you aren’t performing, what are your favorite ways to unplug?
I unplug by spending time with my kids and my family. I love to be in Oklahoma and I love to be in nature. I love to relax and cook. I also love to garden and watch my chickens grow up. I really love to go on all kinds of adventures with the kids.

Anything in your bag/wardrobe that you’d be lost without? 
I always bring a red lipstick with me wherever I go. I always have my phone with me. And I always like to have some PG Tips tea, that gets me through the day.

Got it, folks? Red. Lipstick. To help you find your signature shade, we’ve rounded up our editors’ picks of the top red lipsticks—ranked—below.

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