Family of Mill Woods hit-and-run victim thankful for bystanders' help

The family of an Edmonton man hit in a Mill Woods crosswalk say he’s lucky to be alive and are thankful witnesses were there to help.

James McCord was in a marked crosswalk on 23rd Avenue east of 85th Street on Saturday when he was hit by a car.

Police say a car in the curb lane stopped to let McCord cross but another car, thought to have been a black Acura, struck the pedestrian then drove off.

Crystal Maze said a witness at the scene may have saved her nephew’s life.

“He put a towel to his head to get the blood to stop,” she said.

“I guess there was another set of brothers that stopped also that helped. But we don’t know who these people are. So we want to thank them, first of all, and second of all find any more information on this Acura that we can.”

McCord, 38, is awaiting surgery at the University of Alberta Hospital. His family said it’s expected that due to the swelling surgery is still two to three weeks away.

“He has to have his kneecap replaced, his leg is completely shattered,” Maze said. “He’s got a broken hand and tons of bruises and bumps.”

James McCord before the accident in an undated photo. (Crystal Maze)

Tiffany Wigmore said her brother’s injuries will leave lasting scars.

“He can’t close his eyes without seeing a car coming at him,” she said. “He’s struggling not being able to walk right now. The person who did this didn’t only hurt my brother physically, he will never be the same mentally.”

“He said he felt like a rodent on the side of the road when it happened,” Wigmore said. “He doesn’t understand how someone could do that to someone else.”

Edmonton police said the Acura that hit McCord at about 1 a.m. may be missing a driver’s-side mirror.

But Maze thinks there would have been more damage than just a missing mirror.

“There will be significant damage to the car because he hit the windshield,” Maze said. “He’s a big guy. My brother-in-law went and there was a bunch of car parts left behind on the scene.”

Maze said she hopes the driver will come forward.

Wigmore said they haven’t had any updates from police this week.

With files from Anna McMillan

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