Edmonton man gets 9-year sentence for role in 2016 fatal shooting

An Edmonton man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his role in fatally shooting Sabrina Papin in the back in May 2016.

Brian Boysis, 37, was found guilty of manslaughter and was also sentenced to serve four years concurrently for aggravated assault. Preston Cardinal was shot in both thighs and survived.

An Edmonton jury found Boysis went with another man to the Dover Hotel in Edmonton where they met the two victims. Boysis and his accomplice got into the victim’s vehicle, armed with a handgun.

Boysis did not testify during his lengthy trial, but according to a written decision issued by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice John Gill, he did make admissions to the authors of two reports prepared for sentencing.

Boysis claimed his accomplice was the one with the gun. He said when they got in the back of Cardinal’s vehicle, the other man said, “This is a jack (robbery).”  

Boysis said there was a struggle, that he got out of the truck and ran around to choke Cardinal. He claimed shots were fired inside the vehicle, but insisted he was not the shooter.

The Crown asked for a 16-year sentence for manslaughter and four years for aggravated assault to be served concurrently.

Justice Gill said that suggestion, “does not adequately address the more limited role of the accused and the mitigating factors.”

The defence requested a six-year sentence, but Gill said that didn’t properly address the aggravating factors.

The judge took Boysis’ length criminal record into account, including a previous manslaughter conviction, followed by a number of weapons offences. A forensic assessment determined Boysis has a high risk of violent offending and “represents a significant and continuing risk to the community.”

A Gladue report noted Boysis has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He was the victim of physical and sexual abuse as a child and has been poor and homeless most of his life. His mother was the product of residential schools and he never knew his father or his father’s family.

According to the judge’s written decision, “The Gladue report concluded that the accused appeared to feel remorse in the role he had played leading to Ms. Papin’s death. He does not want to be part of the gang lifestyle and to avoid drugs and criminality.”

Sabrina Papin was shot twice in the back in May, 2016. (Facebook/Sabrina Papin)

During the trial, Boysis apologized to Papin’s family.

“He told them he felt terrible and did not intend the event to happen,” Gill wrote. 

Boysis has been in custody for just over three years. His lawyer told the court he’s been segregated for most of his time at the Edmonton Remand Centre for his own safety and to stay away from gang members.

The judge noted Boysis has, “stayed out of trouble for three years, has serious regrets about his actions and has taken steps to get away from the gang life.”

With credit for time served, Boysis will have four and a half years left to serve.

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