Every Hidden Detail in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 5

Caution: This post is full of Game of Thrones spoilers.

The second-to-last episode of Game of Thrones left many fans reeling, not just because we get only one more week with our favorite characters. Last night several significant characters lost their lives: Varys, the Hound, Jaime and Cersei Lannister, Euron Greyjoy, and the Mountain. And though she didn’t die, Daenerys Targaryen seems to have lost her damn mind.

With so much going on, you might have missed the more subtle Easter eggs and other details that were in the episode. (Did you pick up, for example, that Dany was almost poisoned?) Below, all the hidden gems spotted by eagle-eyed fans.

Yes, that really was Aaron Rodgers.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback made a very quick appearance in Game of Thrones episode five. Too bad he couldn’t outrun dragon fire.

Bran’s vision came true.

Way back in season two, a young Bran had a vision of a dragon flying over King’s Landing. In last night’s episode, his vision finally comes to fruition in the darkest way possible.

Dany’s vision came true too.

Remember Daenerys’ vision while she was spending time in the House of the Undying? Everyone thought it was a destroyed Red Keep being covered in snow, “A Song of Ice and Fire” coming to life, but it seems to have foreshadowed a snow of ashes instead. Her dream of a destroyed Red Keep may have come true, and it may even foreshadow her own death next week

The map crumbling has to symbolize something.

In two different scenes in last night’s episode, characters are seen standing on the large painted map of the seven kingdoms inside King’s Landing. First, it’s Arya and the Hound. Then it’s Jaime and Cersei Lannister. Many believe this symbolizes the crumbling of the seven kingdoms.

The Hound’s final words to Arya echo what he said to Sansa.

Oh, you thought the Hound was a bad guy? The Hound echoed his famous “Look at me” line to Arya last night, the very same way he told Sansa to look at him way back in season one. If only Sansa had listened to him then.

Something’s up with Jon’s and Arya’s paths.

Throughout Game of Thrones‘ run, the costume designers have been throwing fans little hints about what’s to come. Last night, in case you missed it, Jon and Arya have matching hairstyles and clothing. They even have matching experiences. When Arya is nearly crushed to death by a fleeing mob in King’s Landing, it’s an identical event to Jon’s own near-death experience at the Battle of the Bastards. Coincidence? We think not.

Only one more episode to go to see how this really all plays out. We can’t wait.

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