Hundreds apply to adopt St. Bernard siblings

After a giant plea to help three giant dogs, the Edmonton Humane Society has received hundreds of offers to house the St. Bernards.

Dog lovers from as far away as Australia have said they’d like to adopt Goliath, Gunther and Gasket — a tightly-knit crew of St. Bernard siblings that have bonded so tightly the society doesn’t think they can be separated.

“Due to the overwhelming response, we are closing applications for the time being as we review the ones received and begin to schedule adoption interviews,” the humane society stated in a news release Wednesday.

The hope is to find a home close to Edmonton to minimize the amount of stress on the dogs.

As soon as the humane society went public with their search for a home for Goliath, Gunther and Gasket, their story swirled on the Internet. The society said it has since learned new information about the dogs, including the fact they are indeed litter-mates that have been together since birth. 

The dogs are also believed to be older than first thought, a little over five years.

During behaviour assessments, the hounds showed “high levels of anxiety, searching, and attempting to escape in order to find each other” when they were apart. 

Anyone hoping to adopt the brothers needs to know that they eat a lot. Food for the three will clock in at more than $300 a month through an expected lifespan of between eight and 10 years, the society said.

The dogs were transferred to the Edmonton Humane Society from another animal welfare agency and are considered underweight at about 115 pounds each but otherwise healthy. 

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