Monthly Archives: October 2018

Edmonton squashes Calgary in giant pumpkin fundraiser

A giant pumpkin has been transformed into an Oilers-themed jack-o’-lantern, after Edmonton donors squashed the Calgary competition in a Battle of Alberta-style fundraiser. Professional pumpkin carver Robbie Beniuk promised to carve the 1,884-pound gourd into either a Calgary Flames or Oilers theme for Halloween, depending on which city could raise more money for Little Warriors. About $4,200…

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Why Is 'Riverdale' So Thirsty This Season?

We’re a few episodes into Riverdale‘s third season, and it’s appropriately bonkers. Betty’s mom is knee-deep in some bizarre cult called The Farm, Archie’s sweating it out in juvie, and a creepy game called Gryphons and Gargoyles is literally killing high schoolers. But the most baffling plot point on the show right now has nothing…

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Rami Malek Reacts to That Awkward Viral Video

Rami Malek is addressing that awkward viral video. Earlier this week, a video of the 37-year-old Bohemian Rhapsody star went viral on social media, showing the actor in a hilariously cringe-worthy encounter with 19-year-old fan Xan Black. After approaching Rami on the street ahead of his scheduled Q&A session, the film major started recording a…

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Ontario ombudsman gets more than 1,000 complaints about cannabis store

Ontario’s ombudsman says his office has received more than 1,000 complaints about the province’s online cannabis store since it launched earlier this month. Paul Dubé says he’s set up a triage team to deal specifically with the flood of concerns over the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store. He says the most common complaints have involved delayed deliveries,…

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Hospice care in rural Alberta communities being left to volunteers, researcher says

Some rural Alberta communities without government-provided hospice services are stepping up to provide that care themselves, a University of Alberta researcher says. “It’s a lot of work; these are trained volunteers, trained in how to work with people in the end of life,” Kyle Whitfield, an associate professor in the faculty of extension, said Tuesday on…

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