Health inspection closes downtown Edmonton restaurant for second time

A downtown Edmonton Chinese food restaurant has been shut down for the second time in three weeks, after health inspectors found evidence of cockroaches and unsafe food handling.

Alberta Health Services issued a closure notice to Urban China at 10604 101st Street on Sept. 18.

A previous AHS order closed the restaurant on Aug. 30.

In both cases, AHS inspection reports found the restaurant was in a condition dangerous to public health.

The most recent inspection found the restaurant wasn’t storing food at proper temperatures.

One infraction noted “several bags of uncooked shrimp thawing in stagnant water” in a two-compartment sink, the other sink filled with uncooked leafy salad greens. Water was “very close to the top edge” of both sinks, the report said.

Live and dead cockroaches were found throughout the restaurant.

A staff member was seen wearing gloves to wash dishes, then handling food using the same gloves.

The restaurant was ordered to close immediately on Sept. 18.

The owner has been ordered to clean the restaurant and complete a list of repairs, educate staff on safe food handling practices, and ensure equipment such as the dishwasher properly cleans and sanitizes dishes.

The restaurant will remain closed, the report said, until the work referred to in the order is “completed to the satisfaction of an executive officer of Alberta Health Services.”

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