See Jordin Sparks' Birth Plan Take a Dramatic Turn in Upcoming Lifetime Special

She may have walked the red carpet just days after giving birth, but Jordin Sparks‘ road to motherhood was a bumpy one. 

Cameras rolled as the singer prepared to give birth to her and husband Dana Isaiah‘s first child together in May, and E! News has an exclusive look at the moment Jordin’s water broke. In the upcoming Lifetime special, Jordin Sparks: A Baby Story, the 28-year-old American Idol alum invites fans to witness the latest chapter of her personal life. 

In the clip, Jordin’s loved ones gather at home to comfort the mom-to-be as she experiences the intense pain of contractions. They initially agree to wait a few more hours before heading to the birthing center, but plans change when the midwife suggests Jordin is seriously dehydrated and in need of an IV. 

“I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!” she screams as Dana guides her to the car and promises to “drive fast.” 

Sparks would ultimately deliver a healthy baby boy named DJ, though another clip from before she went into labor further highlights the familial tension between her mom and husband. 

Jodi Sparks pleads with Dana to put more effort into establishing a relationship with his mother-in-law, revealing that they’ve only had “one full blown conversation” since his and Jordin’s relationship began. “I don’t know you at all,” she says. “So I’m all I’m seeing is that I don’t have my daughter anymore. Now she’s pregnant, now she’s holed up here and she’s with a guy who doesn’t talk.”

Dana believes that Jodi hasn’t reciprocated the love that his family has showed Jordin, causing tension to escalate even further. To see how it all pans out, check out the videos above! 

The one-hour special of Jordin Sparks: A Baby Story will premiere Thursday, Sep. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime. 

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