Politico launches new venture focused on Canadian issues

News organization Politico is launching a new service focusing on news and events related to Canada.

The Washington-based group said in a blog post Thursday that it would soon launch Politico Pro Canada, which it describes as a “cross-border intelligence service for professionals with a stake in the Canada-U.S. relationship and the integrated border economy.”

The newsletter-based service and its staff will be based in Washington, but it will focus on news and developments involving Canadian issues as they relate to U.S. political discussions.

Much like Politico’s core Washington-focused product, it will be based on a subscription model where customers pay for more detailed information and access to news and decision makers in the U.S. political scene.

“The offering will include a tailored report that will serve Canadians who need daily intelligence about what is happening each day in Washington and the state capitals — and what it means for Canada,” Politico says of the new service.

The venture will be editorially led by Alexander Panetta, who was most recently the Canadian Press bureau chief for Washington, D.C.

The service will launch in September.

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